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Information: Stringing Price up

Thank you very much for your patronage of the badminton specialty shop SHUTTLE HOUSE. We have decided to change the stringing price from 1 October 2023 at all SHUTTLE HOUSE stores (Osaka...

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Sawasdee   1.主 催:タイ国政府観光庁およびF.Y.C. Badminton Club Thailand 2.イベント主催者:F.Y.C. Badminton Club. タイ 3.スポンサー: タイ国政府観光庁(The Tou...

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Badominton Competition [Keepro sawasdee CUP] currently recruiting participants

Fycsawasdee CUP KEEPRO サワディーカップ バドミントン大会「Keepro sawasdee CUP」の楽しさと感動にご参加いただいた皆様へ、バドミントン大会の募集についてお知らせいたします...

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